Author: jknapp

03 Mar Why On Earth Would You Sponsor an Event? Exactly. Because We’re On Earth!

In this era of technology-driven advertising, marketing automation and ever-changing search engine algorithms, good old-fashioned event marketing is bigger than ever. Why? Because for all its benefits, the world-wide-web simply cannot generate the emotional connections and deep insights that come from earthlings interacting with earthlings, face to face, around products and services that can add value to real lives.
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20 Jan Building Your Brand and Business With Cause Marketing

As the producer of some of the largest non-profit fundraisers in the country, we’ve developed and executed hundreds of cause marketing campaigns over the years for our clients. And over those years, various definitions of cause marketing have emerged. Here’s one we really like for its simplicity: Cause marketing is doing the right thing and getting credit for it.
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19 Oct The Road Map to a Successful Sweepstakes Promotion

We create and manage a lot of Sweepstakes promotions that are designed to drive leads and sales for our advertising and sponsorship partners. Why do we like Sweepstakes? Because they can attract a lot of consumer attention in a short period of time. And our super-engaged audiences respond in high levels to them. And if done correctly, they can drive sales for months and months after the promotion is over. In fact one of our clients, a popular pool builder here in the Valley, closes leads all year long with just one of our Sweepstakes promotions. But generating results like that takes a lot of strategy, airtight execution and, of course, a killer idea. Here are our top insights to turn your next Sweepstakes promotion into a lead generating – and brand building - machine.
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